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Civil Rights Cases

Kansas City Civil Rights Attorneys

For years, the attorneys at Votava Nantz & Johnson have represented individuals who have had their civil rights violated and have received national attention. The attorneys at VNJ have decades of experience protecting the civil rights of individuals in Missouri and Kanas.  We have held public sector institutions, governmental entities, businesses, and individuals who violate the civil rights of others accountable for their conduct. These include, prisoner deaths, sexual abuse and police brutality and excessive force.

After police brutality incidents, call VNJ Law at (816) 895-8800 so we can fight for justice for you.

Fighting for Your Rights in Kansas and Missouri

The civil rights lawyers at VNJ Law are prepared to represent you or your loved one after their Constitutional rights are violated.

Civil rights violations can include:

  • Officer-involved shootings
  • Unnecessary or excessive use of TASER devices, stun guns, or police dogs
  • Excessive force, including choking
  • Neglect, abuse, or serious injury of inmates in jails or prisons
  • False arrests
  • Serious injury or death at the hands of law enforcement

Our law office possesses the experience and resources to find out what happened and help you recover financially.


Our Approach to Police Brutality Lawsuits

Law enforcement officers take an oath to protect and serve, but they sometimes violate their own oath. Experiencing a civil rights violation can be life-altering and distressing. As civil rights lawyers, we believe in fighting for your rights and holding violators accountable.

Our attorneys take an empathetic approach to each case while ensuring transparency during the legal process. We want you to understand what is happening as we offer legal guidance on the best strategies and tactics for your unique case.

Pursuing a civil rights lawsuit can be intimidating, especially those fighting against government institutions. With VNJ Law, you’ll never stand alone. We’ll fight with you.

Accessible Civil Rights Legal Help in Missouri and Kansas

Our civil rights lawyers are committed to making our legal services affordable and accessible to everyone who needs our help. As such, when we agree to take on your case, we’ll never send a bill for our services. You only pay us if we win your case, either through a court verdict or a settlement.

If you or a loved one have been injured or wrongfully killed as a result of a civil rights violation, contact us immediately. Together, we’ll ensure justice prevails.

Civil Rights Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have a civil rights case?

Civil rights cases require investigation and evidence gathering as lawyers go head-to-head with people who are supposed to protect society at large. To find out whether you may have a case after experiencing police brutality, false arrest, or neglect during detention, call VNJ Law right away. Our attorneys will seek information to determine whether we will proceed with filing a lawsuit on your behalf.

What do I need to prove in a civil rights lawsuit?

Your attorney at VNJ Law will work to prove that your civil rights were violated, and that the accused party is liable. The specific requirements for the case will depend on the nature of the violation and circumstances surrounding what happened.