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$3.75 Million Settlement for Wrongful Death

Todd Johnson  obtained a $3.75 million settlement in the case of a motorist who was struck by a tractor trailer in rural Kansas.

The decedent was traveling to work at the time of the crash. After she was stopped at a four-way intersection and began to make a left-turn turn northbound, a tractor trailer approached the same intersection from the north. The driver of the tractor trailer failed to stop at a stop sign, colliding with the motorist. The motorist was transported to a nearby hospital, where she died after surgery to repair the multiple fractures that she suffered in the crash.

The defense disputed whether the decedent died from the trauma suffered in the crash as opposed to the medical care she received after being admitted to the hospital. The venue of the lawsuit was also hotly contested and also what state’s law applied to the claims. The lawsuit was filed in Texas, the state where the truck driver resided and where his company did business.

“We are pleased to close this part of the grieving process for our clients after the tragic loss of their mother,” said Todd Johnson.

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